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Training Modules


Front Desk

Waterside Mansion

Foundations of Excellent Service

  • Building the foundations of excellent service through manner, courtesy, language, and appearance

  • Developing expert knowledge and the ability to answer questions professionally

  • Demonstrating genuine interest and thoughtfulness

  • Getting to know guests' preferences and personalities through active listening, asking questions, and observation

  • Using acquired information to provide tailored, anticipatory, one-step-ahead service

  • Surprising and delighting guests, and creating memorable experiences

  • Developing rapport and building connections by personalizing service interactions and using guests' names naturally and appropriately


Problem-solving and Handling Guest Complaints

  • Learning to handle challenging guests and situations effectively and confidently

  • Developing skills for diffusing and resolving issues, such as focused listening, engaged body language, and displays of confidence

  • Demonstrating empathy and proving recognition

  • Understanding when to enlist help from colleagues

  • Turning a negative into a positive through successful service recovery

Front Desk

At the hotel reception

Arrival Service

  • Offering a smooth and seamless arrival experience from curbside to the guest room

  • Creating a warm and welcoming first impression

  • Providing a safe, secure, and seamless luggage service

  • Conducting an efficient arrival check-in process that covers all internal and legal requirements

  • Providing an informative orientation to the property, the facilities, and food and beverage venues

  • Escorting the guest to their room and answering any questions

  • Delivering a clear and informative room orientation that leaves the guest feeling comfortable and aware of the location of any hard-to-find items

Departure Service

  • Offering a smooth and seamless departure process from room to vehicle

  • Creating a positive final impression of the property that leaves the guest feeling valued, appreciated and wanting to return

  • Providing a safe, secure, and seamless luggage service

  • Conducting an efficient check-out process and payment processing

  • Obtaining feedback and addressing any concerns with an apology and resolution

  • Escorting the guest out of the property and providing a warm and meaningful final farewell

Concierge/Guest Services

  • Effectively handling guests’ inquiries regarding restaurants, sightseeing, tours, activities and events

  • Asking appropriate questions to better understand the guests' requirements

  • Offering an appropriate number of tailored suggestions that fully meet guests' needs

  • Providing detailed and relevant information and knowledgeably answering questions

  • Demonstrating expert local, insider knowledge that is personalized and would be difficult to find through alternative channels

  • Providing appropriate transportation information and assistance

  • Professionally making reservations and following up effectively

Transportation Services

  • Providing a safe, secure, and professional transfer service

  • Greeting guests warmly, escorting them to the vehicle, and preparing them for their journey 

  • Confidently and knowledgeably answering questions about the property or destination

  • Ensuring guests' comfort throughout the journey

  • Providing amenities and services that allow for a luxurious experience

  • Providing a personalized yet discreet service throughout

Food & Beverage

Fish Dish

Breakfast Service

  • Delivering a professional a la carte or buffet breakfast service

  • Greeting and seating guests and providing a warm welcome

  • Answering menu-related questions, demonstrating expert knowledge, and making appropriate recommendations

  • Order-taking, table maintenance, and general attentiveness

  • Refined food and beverage service including coffee and tea serving etiquette

  • Creating a memorable experience for the guest by providing a personalized, thoughtful, yet discreet service


Lunch and Dinner Service

  • Delivering a professional casual or upscale dining experience

  • Greeting and seating the guest and providing a warm welcome

  • Answering menu-related questions, demonstrating expert knowledge, and making appropriate recommendations

  • Order-taking, table maintenance, and general attentiveness

  • Refined food and beverage service, including wine service etiquette

  • Creating a memorable experience by providing a personalized, thoughtful, yet discreet service

In-Room Dining Service

  • Providing an in-room dining experience on par with a restaurant experience

  • Leading the order-taking process, answering menu-related questions, and demonstrating expert food and beverage knowledge

  • Setting the guests' expectations regarding timing and delivery

  • Refined in-room dining service including table set-up, positioning, and wine etiquette

  • Efficient clearing and post-meal service

  • Creating a memorable experience for the guest by providing a personalized, thoughtful, yet discreet service

Bar Service

  • Delivering a professional lounge/bar experience

  • Greeting and seating guests and providing a warm welcome

  • Demonstration of expert cocktail, wine, and specialty beverage knowledge

  • Answering menu-related questions and making appropriate recommendations

  • Refined cocktail service, full or modified club service

  • Snack presentation and quality

  • Table maintenance and attentiveness

  • Creating a memorable experience by providing a personalized, thoughtful, yet discreet, service

Fine-Dining Service

  • Providing a Michelin-level fine-dining service experience, from reservation to departure

  • Professionally taking reservations and establishing all required information

  • Providing a warm and personalized welcome and introduction to the dining experience and concept

  • Ensuring the security of guests’ belongings and providing gracious seating

  • Demonstrating exceptional food knowledge and ability to make recommendations

  • Sommelier-level wine service and knowledge

  • Synchronized serving, tableside service, and professional table maintenance

  • Demonstrating exceptional attentiveness throughout the meal

  • Ensuring exceptional restaurant organization, table set-up, and floor management

  • Creating a memorable experience with a gracious closing that leaves the guest wanting to return



Daytime and Evening Services

  • Providing an elevated housekeeping service that meets all internal standards and procedures while exceeding the guests' expectations

  • Servicing rooms efficiently and thoroughly, arranging hotel items appropriately, and handling guests’ belongings in a thoughtful, respectful, and personalized manner

  • Ensuring that an appropriate room atmosphere is created in the evening, and adding memorable touches that elevate the guest’s stay


Item Deliveries, Laundry Service, and Guest Interactions

  • Efficiently handling guests' requests for housekeeping items

  • Delivering requested items in an elegant, and distinctive manner

  • Establishing guests' laundry and dry cleaning needs, arranging collection, managing expectations, and delivering returned items distinctively and on time

  • Providing a customized service and interacting with guests in a personalized and professional manner

Spa & Leisure

Spa Treatment Stones

Pool & Beach Service

  • Creating a memorable and personalized pool/beach experience

  • Offering guests a warm welcome and providing assistance with lounger set-up

  • Providing attentive food and beverage service, including detailed menu knowledge and professional delivery

  • Maintaining organization and cleanliness of the surrounding area, and tailoring the service for guests looking for a more relaxed or active visit.

Spa Services

  • Taking spa treatment reservations in a professional and personalized manner

  • Asking questions to establish the guest’s requirements and any health/medical concerns

  • Creating a bespoke spa and wellness journey

  • Warmly greeting guests upon arrival to the spa and orientating them to the facilities

  • Preparing the guest for their treatment and discussing health/medical concerns

  • Conducting a professional and personalized treatment that demonstrates expertise

  • Ensuring guests' comfort and privacy, and meeting their wellness goals

Sales & Reservations

Support Call

Room Reservations

  • Conducting a seamless and efficient reservation process, by phone or by email

  • Introducing the property and answering guests’ questions knowledgeably

  • Leading the conversation and asking questions to establish guests' requirements

  • Ensuring that the most appropriate accommodation options are offered

  • Ensuring all required details are taken, finalizing the reservation, and providing a professional, branded confirmation

  • Offering to make additional reservations, such as for dining, transportation and spa

  • Ensuring that the guest looks forward to their stay with positive anticipation

MICE Sales

  • Handling enquiries for meetings, incentives, conferences and events

  • Asking appropriate questions to ensure clients' requirements are understood

  • Communicating professionally, efficiently and on brand

  • Creating bespoke solutions that fulfil the client’s requirements and exceed expectations

  • Producing a clear, professional and detailed proposal

  • Responding to follow-up enquiries and closing the sale with confidence and integrity

The Psychology of Sales and Upselling

  • Exploring the psychology of sales and negotiation within the hospitality context

  • Understanding and taking advantage of proven sales concepts, such the reciprocity, the contrast effect, consistency and commitment

  • Discovering how simple tweaks can lead to better outcomes

  • Overcoming obstacles, learning from mistakes and maximising opportunities

Management Training

Business meeting

Reducing Attrition

  • Recognizing when staff members are dissatisfied, lacking motivation or considering pursuing other employment opportunities

  • Developing skills that help improve communication to ensure that employees feel valued, respected, and invested

  • Implementing programs that reward and compensate highly-valued employees and motivate staff needing encouragement

Creating Positive Work Environments

  • Recognizing the challenges facing the hospitality industry and learning how to address them

  • Understanding how mismatches between traditional and modern work environments can cause conflict and dissatisfaction

  • Considering how adjustments to team sizes, structures, chains of command, and other aspects of the work environment can help overcome challenges

  • Enhancing employee well-being, motivation, and productivity

Guarding Against Biases in Decision Making

  • Understanding how psychological biases, such as the halo effect, groupthink, the availability heuristic, and the sunk-cost fallacy can affect the quality of decision-making

  • Discovering techniques for identifying cognitive blind spots

  • Learning how to mitigate against biases by implementing processes in place that improve decision-making and lead to better outcomes

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