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About Enlites

We do Learning & Development. Differently.

Enlites combines learning and development and quality assurance with concepts from the field of organisational psychology. While we focus primarily on luxury hotels, restaurants and spas, we can help any business that wishes to get the best out of their teams and provide excellence in service. 

Enlites’ approach to learning and development involves using proven training techniques, such as practice testing, distributed practice and interleaved practice. We use a balance of facilitation and directive learning with a focus on practical learning methods, such as role-playing and learning by doing, with minimal classroom-style presentations.

We believe it is important to highlight both the how and the why, because employees who understand the logic and rationale behind standards, requirements and procedures feel more empowered and invested. We recognise the important role that employee well-being, motivation and investment plays in creating a positive guest, client or customer experience.

About Our Founder 

Matthew Lavender

London-born Matthew Lavender has been communicating ideas in the workplace, education and the media for more than two decades. After stints working in London and Sydney, he spent 10 years in Asia where he held positions ranging from lecturing in hospitality management to running a radio station before embarking on a career in quality assurance for the luxury hospitality industry.


In his most recent roles as Director, Field Evaluations for Forbes Travel Guide and Operations Director for Hotel IQ, Matthew has trained over 80 hotel inspectors and 20 Executive Trainers. He’s traveled to more than 100 countries and provided consulting services to over 700 luxury hotels, resorts, restaurants, spas, working with notable brands including Four Seasons, Mandarin Oriental, Ritz-Carlton, Six Senses, and Rosewood, as well as numerous boutique and independent properties, such as Iniala Harbour House, the first and only property in Malta to be awarded 5 stars by Forbes Travel Guide. 

As a manager of people, Matthew favours an employee-focussed approach, creating efficiencies and initiatives based on insights from organisational psychology that increase motivation and result in greater productivity. He strongly believes that before an organisation can truly serve its guests, clients or customers, staff must feel respected and invested.

In recent years, Matthew has increasingly been able to combine his academic and professional interests. He is currently conducting research in the evolution of language and cognition as part of his MSc at Birkbeck, University of London. He is also an Executive Producer of 'The Dissenter' podcast in which the host, Ricardo Lopes, interviews some of the greatest minds in psychology and related fields.


The Enlites' project had existed as a concept for several years when the events of 2020 presented an opportunity to get it launched. 


When he’s not running the business, training or studying, Matthew enjoys producing music, long-distance walking and running, and collecting vintage technology.

Matthew is also co-founder of The Fit Guidethe only global, independent rating system for premium fitness clubs and studios.

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