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Reasons to be Positive workshop in support of Médecins Sans Frontières

Empathic, caring people tend to be drawn to the hospitality industry as they have a passion for creating special moments for others. But empathic people also vicariously feel the suffering of others most intensely and, given the consistent challenges we’ve faced over the last year, it’s no wonder that so many in the industry have found it difficult to remain upbeat and positive. 


In this interactive online workshop, we take an objective look at the many ways in which, despite common perception fueled by negative media, the world is improving and why there are many reasons to feel positive. We then discuss some of the most ground-breaking discoveries that have emerged in recent years from the field of positivity psychology and offer a few simple, effective techniques that you and your colleagues can use every day to increase wellbeing and happiness. The workshop will be tailored to your organisation, and can be conducted via Zoom or Microsoft Teams. 

We know that budgets are tight and so we are offering the Reasons To Be Positive workshop at no cost to hotels and resorts that have been particularly affected by the pandemic. It's our way of giving back and helping the hospitality industry get back on its feet. We are asking that, where possible, donations are made to support Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders (MSF), the world's leading medical humanitarian aid organisation.

If you feel that your team could benefit from a boost of positivity please get in touch here.

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